An interview with P4

Aug 26, 23

Where did the name P4 come from? What’s it like being the IGL? How many pairs of trainers do you own? We asked all the big questions to the man himself, P4, to find out.

Can you give us an overview of your esports career before joining Wolves?

I started with MockIt Academy. Then I played with some teams before joining my first true team called Izidream who I won a Challenger League season with and qualified to Pro League.

I joined Tempra Esports with the same teammates until I joined my current teammates at Vitality with Shiinka.

How did you come up with your gamertag?

At the beginning of the game I joined a group of guys that were called P1, P2, P3, so I called myself P4, as simple as that!

What made you want to get into esports?

I was playing casually when I met a player who I played a lot with. He introduced me to small tournaments with his team. Instantly, I knew I loved the hype of the competition and the depth of the game so I never stopped and here I am.

What did it mean to you when you signed for Wolves? 

I was very happy to find Wolves, they welcomed us so nicely and it gave me a lot of hype to join a football club.

What was the first game you played as a child?

Mario Cart on Nintendo DS.

What has been the highlight moment of your esports career so far? 

Playing on the Six Invitational stage back in February. It’s the biggest event of the year in Siege and the enthusiasm around it is crazy with the orchestra and the public. Also, my father and my girlfriend were there so it was really emotional for me.

If you could give one piece of advice to R6 players looking to break into the T1 scene, what would it be? 

Work on your network and brand, as well as the overall communication around you, to get noticed and hopefully be given a shot.

What is the role of the IGL? 

My role is to guide the team on the server, give directions to the group depending on what’s going on and take the main decisions during the game.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

I like to watch TV shows or movies and go shopping. I recently adopted a puppy so I spend most of my time taking care of him too!

You have always played an integral role in game in terms of tactics, call outs and adapting in game to the opposition – how has that changed now you’re the IGL?

It means more responsibilities, I can’t focus only on my solo moves like before, instead I make group moves that involve more elements. I adapted pretty well and it gave me the opportunity to share my game vision better.

What is your all-time favourite game outside of R6 and why?

The Call of Duty series because I come from that game before Siege. I’ve always loved FPS games and CoD is THE FPS reference.

Is there a story behind your mascot? 

Not really, it’s a gift from my girlfriend that I keep as my lucky charm.

We know you’re a trainers collector – how many pairs do you currently own and which is your favourite?

I have something like 30 pairs and my favourite I think is the Jordan 1 Maison Chateau Rouge.