Two Wolves Esports teams compete as Chengdu Wolves

Jun 8, 23

Two Wolves Esports teams have officially settled in Jinniu District, Chengdu.

Under the guidance of Chengdu Sports Bureau, Jinniu District Government, Jinniu District Culture Tourism and Sports Bureau, and with the support of Identity V and Naraka league, Wolves Esports are making fresh strides in China.

Following today’s launch, Wolves IDV team and Naraka team will compete in top international and domestic competitions including IVL, COA, NBPL, under the name of ‘Chengdu Wolves’ – a new way for fans to learn more about Chengdu and Jinniu District.

After announcing 24 implementation opinions to promote the development of the esports industry, Chengdu has introduced many famous esports events into the city, and the esports atmosphere in Chengdu has become stronger and stronger in recent years. As a global esports club, Wolves Esports have the same idea with Chengdu’s goal of becoming the ‘esports cultural capital’.

Wolves IDV team won three consecutive championships in 2021. The team was also awarded the most famous IVL club twice and top ten influential esports clubs on Weibo in 2021.

Wolves Naraka team won Naraka Taito Tournament single row championship in 2022.

The settling of two teams in Jinniu District, Chengdu, is one of the most important strategic layouts of Wolves Esports in 2023.

Deng Houjun, president of Fosun Sports, said: “Relying on our mature operation experience, actively responding to the call of Chengdu, and embracing the high-quality cultural atmosphere of Jinniu District, Wolves Esports settled in Jinniu District with two highly popular esports teams this time.

“In addition to competing in the upcoming IVL and NBPL league under the name of ‘Chengdu Wolves’, these two teams will also have the symbols of Chengdu and Jinniu District on their kits. This would be an opportunity to create a e-sports IP with Chengdu’s regional characteristics through competitions, activities and merchandise.

“We hope Wolves will attract more young fans to this city, hope Wolves will become a symbol of Chengdu, and hope Chengdu Wolves will bring Chengdu and Jinniu District onto the international stage.”

After the announcement, two Wolves Esports players, Huan (IDV) and Kaibao (Naraka), will have fans meeting in Jinniu District, Chengdu on 10th June, to celebrate the settling of Chengdu Wolves. In the future, Chengdu Wolves will hold more events with regional characteristics in Chengdu, becoming the bond between the city and ‘Generation Z’.