A narrow defeat in game one of the season for Wolves

Mar 12, 23

The new Rainbow Six Siege European League season has begun with Wolves taking a narrow loss in overtime in a hard fought first game.

The European League has seen a myriad of changes since the Six Invitational including players, coaches, managers, organisations and even the company in charge of running the tournament itself. Needless to say, there is a lot to get used to.

With the departure of Risze and the introduction of the fresh talent from the French league, Deadshot, there was a lot to come to terms with in the way of in-game cohesion and chemistry. Not to mention the additional departure of manager Robz to add to this sense of change.

The opponents for Wolves’ first game were KOI, a team who themselves have seen a large amount of change in their roster including both players and coach.

It was one new roster vs another.

The game couldn’t have started any worse with a flawless victory in round one for KOI. But in the third round the Wolves found their feet, found each other, and started clicking heads bringing the game back to an even footing.

From there on out it was neck and neck all the way. KOI win a round and Wolves win it back. Wolves win a round and KOI do the same. This continued through to overtime where, in a clutch play of epic proportions, KOI player Cryn out duelled BiBooAF to take the victory and with it the two points.

However, Wolves didn’t walk away empty handed as they also claimed a point in their first game due to making it to overtime.

All in all, it was a good first showing from the changed roster. New partnerships are being formed, new strats being tried and it is already showing signs of being a very positive first stage to the season.

The debut of Deadshot, not just in the Wolves roster but in the European League and top tier competition, went well as he claimed a respectable 7-11 K/D and several impressive plays. He is truly an exciting talent, and one Wolves fans should be getting excited about.

The team currently sit in fourth place in Group B but with a game in hand on their opposition all eyes turn to the next game – Team Secret on Monday 20 March at 20:15 GMT // 21:15 CET.

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