Wolves Esports recruitment challenge

Feb 7, 22

Wolves Esports are on the hunt for the best undiscovered talent in content creation.

If you are an ambitious and dedicated gaming content creator who is not afraid to do things a little differently, then we could be the home for you and your content.

Joining Wolves Esports means joining one of the most progressive and exciting organisations around. You would get opportunities to work alongside huge brands such as Wolverhampton Wanderers, Evil Geniuses, the University of Wolverhampton and Monster Energy.

Unlike most recruitment challenges, we are not looking for creators in specific categories, we are looking for content creators from all games.

It doesn’t matter if you play MMOs, single players, MOBAs or indie games – if you create great content and want to join a growing and ambitious content team and organisation then get your submissions ready and your creative hats on.

We are a global esports organisation and, as such, are looking to recruit content creators from around the world, so whether you’re from Wolverhampton, Washington, Warsaw or Wakayama we want to see what you’ve got.

At the end of the challenge, we will recruit a number of the best of the best who proved to us they have what it takes to be part of the Wolf pack.

What are we looking for?

– Talented, dedicated, and passionate content creators who are always striving to raise the bar.

– Creators who create quality and original content on a regular basis.

– Creators who are building and growing a great community that would fit with the Wolf pack effortlessly.

– Creators who want to collaborate with other great creators and brands.

– Creators who embody the Wolf pack and represent the organisation and its partners in a professional and engaging way.

– Creators who are open minded, enthusiastic and ready to take on all of the amazing opportunities being part of Wolves Esports will provide.


Week 1

Why Wolves Esports? – (Mon 14th – Sun 20th Feb)

Tell us who you are, what content you create, why you do it and why you want to join Wolves Esports! We want to find out about you, what makes you tick, where you’re from and who you are as a person, as well as a creator.

Week 2

Part of the Pack – (Mon 21st – Sun 27th Feb)

Being a part of Wolves Esports means you’re part of the Wolf pack. We want to see content of you working as a team, with other content creators or simply some amazing plays you got with your squad!

Content to be centred around hunting as a pack, duo, trio and squad wins, games, moments or any other content ideas you have involving others.

Week 3

The Lone Wolf – (Mon 28th Feb – Sun 6th March)

It’s great being part of a pack, but sometimes you’ve to go it alone. We want to see what you’re made of and what you can do on your own as a lone wolf.

Content to be centred around solo achievements, solo games, wins, clips, kills, moments or any other solo content you can think of.

Week 4

A Wolf Among Sheep – (Mon 7th – Sun 13th March)

Part of being part of Wolves Esports is doing things a little differently, not following the herd.

We want to see what sets you apart from other content creators. What is your unique selling point? Why are you different from every other content creator? Let’s see it!


– You must be over the age of 18.

– You must be regularly creating content on either Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming or TikTok.

– You must have the hashtag #WolvesRC in your social media names so we know you are taking part in the recruitment challenge.

– You need to post your submissions in the correct week.

– In the title of all the videos you want to be included as part of your submission to this recruitment challenge, you need to include the hashtag #WolvesRC.

– Once your videos are uploaded, you need to DM the main Wolves Esports account on Twitter with a link to your submission and a description on what it is about.

So, get those creative caps on and get that content ready! Week one starts on Monday 14 February!

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with!