Road to the South American Playoffs 2021

Jun 23, 21

After a long, full season of competition, it has reached the most important weekend of them all so far as it culminates in the FIFA 21 Global Series playoffs.

Wolves Esports’ Brazilian star, Flavio “Fifilza” De Almedia Brito competed in all the qualifiers throughout the year, and his performances were strong enough that he secured the required points to qualify.

Highlights of Flavio’s performances throughout the season were securing a Top 25 finish in Qualifiers 3 and 5, reaching the Top 17 in Qualifier 4 having kicked off the season with a Top 13 finish in Qualifier 1.

The Playoffs will take place on 25 and 27 June and can be followed via the official EA Sports Twitch channel or on any of our social media channels where we will keep you updated with the latest results. Before that, an off-stream Swiss stage will take place where Flavio will need to navigate to secure a final qualification.

Flavio is ready for the challenge

Flavio is ready for this challenge and can’t wait to get started, being extremely proud to be representing Wolves in these playoffs once again. Flavio is in his third season with Wolves and is determined to lay down some great results in these qualifiers and get through to the eWorld Cup in London.

What we are playing for

From all of the different regions of the world, the best players have come together to fight for glory with the very best qualifying for the FIFA eWorld Cup, the jewel in the crown of the FIFA Global Series season.

This event is set to take place in London, between 6 – 8 August 2021. In order to secure his qualification, Flavio is looking to reach the top four of the playoffs against his regional rivals. Besides the prospect of competing at the grand finals there is also a prize pool of $200,000 to fight for. Not only that, but those who qualify for the eWorld Cup in London have a chance of claiming a portion of a $500,000 prize pool.