NACL partnership continues to flourish

Mar 9, 21

Since joining forces in November, Wolves Esports and the NACL have worked together on a number of exciting projects and tournaments, which have increased exposure for Wolves, both in North and South America.

In that time, the NACL have conducted a series of interviews with Wolves Esports personnel, including Rocket League stars Rix Ronday and FIFA player Flávio Brito, which were broadcast on the NACL’s social channels and their weekly TV show on Reach TV across the globe.

Currently, the NACL are hosting a series of tournaments across FIFA and Rocket League, with the winners of both having the opportunity to trial for Wolves Esports, in addition to cash prizes and Wolves merchandise to be given out over the coming weeks.

The FIFA tournament will be made up of 32 players, consisting of eight from the NACL and 24 from Latin America. Each player has their own FIFA card and will be playing in a specially made Wolves x NACL shirt, featuring both logos.

Players are entered into groups and will play  each week, before progressing into the knockout stages of the tournament, with the eventual winner crowned in May. Wolves supporters can follow the action every Thursday at 5pm PST via the NACL’s Twitch channel.

Meanwhile, the Rocket League tournament will be played out on a monthly basis, with the top four teams from each tournament entering a playoff, before the winner is crowned.

UK record producer FuntCase, a keen Rocket League player, and NACL brand ambassador is also involved with the partnership, and will be linking up Wolves Esports Rocket League players in a live stream to help promote the tournament on 16th March. Further details will be announced on Wolves Esports and the NACl’s social channels.

With the partnership continuing to develop, David Chen, NACL President also recently interviewed former WWE wrestler Cinta De Oro (formally known as Sin Cara) on his Pandanomics Podcast, where he talks about his time as a wrestler, his visit to Molineux in 2019 and his relationship with Raul Jimenez. The episode is available to listen now, simply click here.