Impressive run for Wolves eSports team

Sep 10, 20

The FIFA Online 4 Season S7 (FSL), the seventh event held in China, ended last weekend and saw Wolves overcome LyonEDG on their way to the final, and earned qualification for the Intercontinental EACC.

The S7 season also officially kicked off on 25th August, bringing together 14 teams, including the likes of Manchester City, Lyon, PSG and Chinese Super League clubs Shandong LNTS and Guangzhou R&F.

The FIFA team representing Wolves, forged by Wolves and Weibo, is the largest social platform in China, involving gaGA, Lihaohao, LiverPu and Qiu, who became Wolves’ best eSports team last term.

During the regular season, Wolves also claimed the title, securing 10 wins and losing just three games, while gaGA also won the regular season MVP following a series of excellent performances.

The FSL play-offs play out among four teams including Wolves, LyonEDG, LNTS SC and SHARKS, with Wolves showing their character against LyonEDG in the semi-final, before Liverpu clinched the title.

The commentary for Wolves’ fixture against LNTS SC was also provided by former Holland forward Robin Van Persie.

Although Wolves missed out on the title, they still claimed the FSL runner-up prize and MVP trophy and established their status as China’s top FIFA team.

Now, the Wolves eSports team are preparing for the upcoming EACC and are striving for glory on the intercontinental stage.