Wolves eSports join Identity V League

Jun 9, 20

Identity V is the first asymmetric competitive mobile game published by Netease. Inc in China. One of the world’s biggest game companies, Netease is ranked number five amongst global game companies.

Since Identity V was launched in 2018, it has been widely played in the past two years, with the cumulative number of players exceeding 180 million and being recommended by App Stores in more than 50 countries around the world.

Identity V League lasts for seven months each season and consists of summer and autumn competitions, with the total bonus money rising as high as three million yuan.

There will be ten professional clubs participating in the summer competition in the first season, including FPX, Tianba, Weibo and other well-known eSports clubs in China.

The seven official team members of Wolves’ Identity V division are: 


Wolves_Jue | An experienced player in the competition, who won the runner-up of NEXT Competition, the third place of COA2 competition and the runner-up of COA3 competition.

Wolves_Jiu9 | A talented rookie.


Wolves_WY | An experienced race player who won the second place of CC Race in 2018 and reached the last 16 of COA3.

Wolves_487 | A talented player who was named best survival player in COA3.

Wolves_naiyu | A master lifesaver and popular host.

Wolves_lion | A talented player who reached the last 16 in COA 3.

Wolves_jelly | A talented rookie.