Two wins and playoff qualification

Apr 10, 24

The week began with a match-up against the 2023 world champions, G2.

G2 have had a shaky stage so far to say the least but with the firepower they have on the team they are a unit to not be underestimated as they can spark into life at any moment.

Going into the game there wasn’t really a favourite. Wolves started the stage slow with some less than convincing performances but G2 were in the same boat. It was billed as a must-see match as the expectation was a lot of back and forth and potential overtime.

The reality was far from this.

Wolves came into the map on their favourite side, defence. As expected, they were strong, but nobody was ready for just how strong they were. Before anyone knew what had happened Wolves found themselves at a 6-0 half having won every single defending round. They just needed one win on attack and the tie was theirs.

After G2 picked up their only round win Wolves stormed back and took the map 7-1 and all three points.

There was very little time to enjoy the win as the very next day the new French derby was upon them in the form of new boys, ENCE.

This was far from the stomping of yesterday. ENCE are a team in form having just come off the back of a win against Virtus Pro and being the only team to have downed BDS this stage.

With the teams knowing each other so well, including some ex-teammates, Wolves had to think outside the box. They were going to Nighthaven Labs.

This game couldn’t have been more back and forth if it tried. Wolves picking up a round and ENCE responding with a round of their own. With little variation to this pattern, this continued right through to max overtime where Wolves stole the show 8-7 and a further two points were theirs.

P4 put in a hell of a shift as he came away with 18/8 K/D but the play of the game came from BiBooAF as he, against overwhelming odds, clutched up a 1v5 in crazy fashion that still has ENCE scratching their heads as to what actually happened.

It was a full team effort and the teamplay was something that, over the past few weeks, Wolves have been finding their form in once again. This win over ENCE secured their spot in the playoffs with one game to spare.

The pack now have their eyes firmly set on a second-place finish as they take on Team Secret next week in the final play day of stage 1.