The week of the 7-3

Mar 28, 24

Wolves started the week sitting in fifth place with two points as a result of one loss and an overtime win in game week one.

The pack knew this was going to be a tough week that would see them test their mettle against opponents both new and painfully familiar.

Monday was the first test against one of the new teams in the league, Fnatic. While the organisation itself is one familiar to esports in general the team were newly formed at the beginning of the season comprising the bulk of the Rogue/KOI roster with some new faces mixed in.

The map was Consulate and Wolves started on the attack, an area they have been struggling on so far this stage. But underestimate this team at your peril as Fnatic found out as the pack ended their attacking half even on 3-3.

Now it was time for Wolves to do what they do best, defend. Four straight wins in defence saw Wolves storm to a 7-3 victory and claim all three points.

Tuesday, and the fixture every team this season least looks forward to – a date with a strengthened Team BDS. Not only are they one of the strongest rosters in the world and already being tipped as the next Major champions, but they are the French rivals Wolves have yet to overcome in the last eight attempts. But the past is the past and this time Wolves were determined to lift the ‘BDS curse’.

Heading to Skyscraper Wolves started on the defence and managed to finish the half level on 3-3. However, BDS are a formidable force and on the defence on one of their most favoured maps it was always going to be a tough task. Just like Wolves had done the previous day to Fnatic, BDS stormed to a 7-3 victory winning all their defensive rounds.

The score, however, did not do justice to just how well the pack performed against one of the strongest and most in-form rosters in the world. With a few rounds just slipping through their fingers, Wolves could really have given their French counterparts a scare and would have certainly given them something to think about walking away from this matchup.

All in all, it was a positive week with their first win in regulation time earning them their first full three points of the season against a team that has shown to be no pushover. The Team BDS fixture is always an occasion Wolves fans watch through the gaps in their fingers. However the team can hold their head high and say they managed to take three rounds off possibly the strongest team in the world, a feat not many have achieved so far and, we can assume, even less will achieve in the weeks to come.

Wolves finish the week in fourth place with five points and are next in action on Monday 1 April as they take on bottom of the table Wylde.