Meet the Wolves VALORANT team

Jan 19, 24

The Wolves Esports VALORANT roster has recently been announced and will be competing in the VCT CN (VALORANT Champions Tour CN league) beginning February 22.

VALORANT features several different and defined roles within the team. For those who don’t know what each role does, hopefully this brief explanation will help before we get into talking about our players.

Duelist: Duelists are the aggressive players on the team. They are responsible for getting up close and personal with the enemy and taking them out. They have abilities that allow them to move quickly, escape danger, or deal massive damage.

Flex: Flex players can play multiple roles and adapt to different situations. They can fill in gaps in the team’s strategy and provide support where needed. They have a wide range of abilities and can switch between roles on the fly.

Initiator: Initiators are the first line of attack for a team. They are responsible for gathering information about the enemy’s position and disrupting their strategies. Initiators can use abilities to reveal the location of enemies, stun them, or create distractions.

Controller: Controllers are responsible for controlling the battlefield. They can use their abilities to block off areas, slow down enemies, or obscure their vision. This allows their team to gain control of a specific area and make it difficult for the enemy team to push through.

Sentinel: Sentinels are the protectors of the team. They are responsible for holding down areas, setting up defences, and watching the flanks. They can use their abilities to slow down the enemy, create barriers, or detect enemy movements.

Our players

Spring (Duelist)

Leading our line-up in the role of Duelist is the talented Spring, a 20-year-old rising star. Formerly making waves with the team Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP), Spring’s cool exterior conceals a daring playstyle that we eagerly anticipate seeing flourish on the battlefield.

pl1xx (Flex)

Adding a star-studded touch to our roster is pl1xx, affectionally known as Chris among our fans. Originating from Australia with roots in Zhejiang, Chris takes on the flex role within the team, embodying the ethos of ‘fighting fearlessly’. As a seasoned player with a fearless approach, Chris is poised to bring a strategic edge and versatility to the game, ensuring our team remains unpredictable and formidable.

ColdFish (Initiator)

Taking on the role of Initiator is ColdFish, a seasoned VALORANT professional and one of the earliest players to embrace the competitive scene. With a proven track record, ColdFish’s journey from the team Top Esports (TES) to Wolves signifies a strategic alliance that seeks to leverage his expertise in elevating the team’s performance. His in-depth understanding of game mechanics, coupled with tactical finesse, promises to bring stability and a winning edge.

aluba (Controller)

In the pivotal Controller position, we entrust the role to aluba, a dedicated gamer from Guangxi. A person with boundless energy, aluba’s focused approach to the game is set to elevate the overall strategic coordination of the team. We believe in aluba’s potential to lead our offense with precision and finesse.

Yuicaw (Sentinel)

In the Sentinal position we have Yuicaw, the youngest player on the roster. Formerly a Duelist for the team FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) and then a Sentinel for team ASE, Yuicaw has seamlessly adapted to his new role. We trust him to continuously exceed expectations and bring exciting surprises to the team.

Babyblue, Cyah and FFs (Reserves)

Completing our line-up are reserve players Babyblue, Cyah and FFs. Integral to our team’s success, they bring experience and skill to our training sessions, contributing significantly to our team’s competitive edge.