Tadpole retires from competitive Rocket League

Jun 22, 22

After a final season representing Wolves Esports, veteran Welsh Rocket League star Tadpole announces his retirement from competitive Rocket League.

Euan Ingram, better known as Tadpole, joined the new Wolves Esports Rocket League project at the start of the season. With him as the veteran captain, the intention was for him to share his experience and knowledge of the game with two younger stars.

While the initial version didn’t pan out as expected, or hoped, a roster change at the start of the Spring Split saw the team reach the top 12 in one of the final regional events of the year.

Tadpole’s career stretches all the way back to 2017, but it was 2018 where he made his first impact. Lining up in the now well-known Triple Trouble roster, qualifying and then finishing in the top four of RLRS season five.

It would be the following season that he and his team qualified for RLCS, before making the now fondly remembered run to the top four of the European league in season seven, qualifying for the World Finals and being crowned as one of the top eight teams in the world.

His career has been a rollercoaster ever since, but throughout he has always been a strong individual and team player, claiming numerous scalps as the circuit changed with Season X in 2020. Euan will now be taking that experience and knowledge in a new direction upon his retirement, where he will be moving into coaching.

Esports manager, Michael Moriarty, said the following: “Tadpole is a true legend of the game, and him managing to remain near the top of competitive Rocket League for the past couple of seasons despite the onslaught of new talent coming through is a testament to his ability and drive.

“I’m thoroughly pleased that his final shot at competition came while in our shirt, and despite the performances throughout the season not being to where any of us wanted, it has been a fantastic time throughout. I wish him luck and good fortune as he moves into coaching, helping shape the next generation of the esport in a different way.”

Tadpole’s final run out as a competitive Rocket League player will be at the Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham, 6th and 7th August, where he will be representing Wales in Rocket League.

Other announcements on Wolves’ position in Rocket League to be announced at a later date.